Calgary Mobile Coffee Cart - Central West CoffeeLet me start by saying I am no english major or literature junky. I have never written a paper without being forced to, or finished a book I was not interested in. I know this makes me sound like the worst blogger and business owner out there, but I am genuinely excited to share my journey through Central West Coffee with you. Although Central West Coffee has yet to be completed, some of the hardest work, lessons and achievements take place before a business opens.

Building a business from the ground up is no easy task. If you were to ask me two months ago when I began this journey of creating Central West Coffee. I would have told you it would be a small, uncomplicated and relatively easy procedure. I thought I could work two jobs, write a 25 page business plan and build a custom coffee bar in two months while remaining sane.

About a week into this brilliant plan I realized I had to make a choice: a) quit my jobs and commit to the construction of Central West Coffee, or b) wait and pursue this goal next year. After a few days of contemplating alongside a growing frustration over my previous jobs management I choose route ‘a’ and quit my jobs to dive into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

After this plunge, I spent a good month writing a 25 page business plan including everything from my vision to projected cash flow. This was a painfully long and tiresome project, but essential for me to create a successful start-up. It helped me clarify my vision for Central West Coffee and see angles I would not have analyzed otherwise. If I did not take the time to do this, I would be discovering Alberta Health Codes after building, struggling to find a base of operations and applying for an unclassified business license, any of which, when not approved would have to power to shut me down. I highly recommend to anyone opening a business, big or small, take the time and write a business plan!!

Finally I finished the business plan and could get started with the building, ordering and designing of the Central West Coffee mobile coffee cart! Again, I thought this would be a quick weekend affair, but what was supposed to be one weekend turned into four with one left to go… hopefully!! It is an incredible experience to see, touch and create what began as a distant and ridiculous idea in my head. Everything from ripping apart old pallets to find the perfect boards; driving to Vancouver for a bamboo countertop; free drawing, cutting and painting Central West Coffees signature sign are bringing me closer to operation and making Central West Coffee unique to me.

There is still lots of work to be done, but I am very excited to say the coffee bar should be done construction next week and open for business the beginning of May! Stay tuned for updates this month and get ready for great coffee at your next event or visit to the market!