I have been waiting to write this blog post until Central West Coffee was successfully licensed and health certified, however there have been some extra unexpected road bumps along the journey. My goal of opening Central West Coffee the beginning of May has been delayed by leaky plumbing, trailer parking bylaws, in-line hot water installation and converting the dryer outlet into an espresso machine power source. Do you notice anything interesting? Absolutely none of these issues have anything to do with coffee!

It is easy to get discouraged by these obstacles, but I try to view them as character building experiences; shaping my business and me into something special. For example, I now know you can purchase a miniature tankless electric hot water heater, avoiding the need for a tank and additional pump. I also know the difference between volts and amps, how they work together and the importance of them in relation to the machine your operating and the capacity of your outlet. It is easy to get caught up in all these obstacles and forget to celebrate the progress and achievements that Central West Coffee has made the past month.

Two weeks ago, I fixed the plumbing leak and converted the dryer outlet so I was able to start up the espresso machine. This was a milestone evening; being able to craft delicious coffee with the set up I designed and built. Since that night I have been able to test a variety of coffee, refresh my latte art skills and book a professional photo shoot. Alongside a functioning coffee bar, I have a registered business license, operating website and events booked over the summer.

One exciting opportunity in particular is the Banff Farmers Market. Central West Coffee will be partnering with Amelia’s Cakes every Wednesday throughout the summer to offer the best Coffee and Cake corner Banff has ever seen! There is also conversation about a new market in Banff; one that will operate Friday-Sunday every weekend throughout the summer. No plans are concrete, however the opportunities seem to be endless!

Taking these achievements and opportunities into perspective, the road bumps that Central West Coffee has encountered in the past month are tiny. Sure, it means more work and holding off on booking events in May; but what is one month when it leads to a world of opportunities next.

Stay focussed. Stay encouraged. Stay passionate.
The possibilities are endless!