Calgary Mobile Coffee Cart

The Journey…

Born and raised on a cattle farm in Northern Alberta, where espresso and steamed milk were a foreign concept, Kaitlin Fulmore never dreamed of owning a business in the coffee industry.

Lets start from the beginning. Kaitlin’s first encounter with coffee took place in the summer of 2007 when she began her first job at Tim Hortons serving up double doubles. At the time, Kaitlin viewed coffee as a simple procedure of adding pre-ground beans with hot water, followed by an unhealthy amount of cream and sugar. Little did she know the months of hard work that had gone into processing, roasting and distributing that ground coffee bean.

Years past and Kaitlin moved on from Tim Hortons to focus on sports and academics with no
intention of learning more about this delicate bean.

By the time graduation came in 2012, Kaitlin had her life as a Dental Hygienist planned out in 3 steps:

1) Take 1 year off to travel and work in a dental clinic (get the travel bug out).

2) Live in Edmonton for four years and complete the Dental Hygiene program at U of A.

3) Move to Canmore, AB and start a Dental Hygiene practice.

Sounds great right? Well Kaitlin got about as far as step one and realized a) the travel bug was not gone, but increased, and b) working in a cubicle all day in someone else’s mouth was not that appealing.

Having already applied to U of A, Kaitlin was at a loss of what to do. September was less than 4 months away and delaying school was not an option. Then one day Kaitlin stumbled across a Hospitality Management Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

The description sounded like a perfect fit; offering a range of job fields and the opportunity to travel. Kaitlin took the plunge and applied to NAIT, got accepted a week later and started in the fall.

During the first semester Kaitlin applied to work part-time at a cafe with the intention to fill some weekends and earn a little extra cash. Little did she know, this opened a whole new category of espresso, creamy milk and of course, latte art. What started as a weekend job sparked Kaitlin to become a “coffee snob,” seeking out and testing the best coffee wherever she travelled.

Kaitlin spent the remainder of the school year learning essential business skills and falling in love with cafes and their vibrant atmospheres. Summer break came along and Kaitlin decided to put her management skills to the test, becoming a wildfire base manager with ESRD.

That summer of 2014, far away from any espresso machine, Kaitlin realized her real passion for coffee.
Surrounded by travelers and passion-following individuals, Kaitlin decided to invest in a coffee career rather than go down the hotel – resort route.

Where do you go to learn more about coffee? Portland Oregon; home to the American Barista and Coffee School and over 150 micro-roasters. Kaitlin flew down to Portland in November 2014 to take part in an intensive 5-day Business and Barista Course and learn from the best in America.

After 5-days of learning about coffee growing, processing, roasting, brewing and business, Kaitlin had a whole new appreciation for a quality cup of coffee, and her passion to open a cafe flourished.

Kaitlin made another 3-step plan for life:

1) Move to Canmore, work at a cafe to gain experience while living the mountain dream.

2) Save Money.

3) Open her own cafe in 5-7 years (location unknown).

Again step one was great, Kaitlin made it to the mountians and worked in a cafe, however waiting 5-7 years to utilize her business and barista was not going to happen. So what could she do with little to no money in an expensive, cafe-saturated, tourism based mountain town? Thats when it hit her: there are constantly events, markets and weddings happening in the area where people cannot purchase a quality cup of coffee.
Why not bring the great coffee and cafe atmosphere outside the cafe and to the customer? Why not custom design the perfect mobile, modern espresso bar?

These are the questions that drove Kaitlin Fulmore to establish Central West Coffee – Espresso Done Right Where You Are.